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Children love to give color, and their work is a reflection of their internal world. Most kids don’t think about or censor their artwork. For days gone by 40 years, I’ve used children’s Coloring Webpages as an important part of my pediatric practice. At each well-child visit starting at four or five 5 years old, our nurse asks the child to “give color an image of your loved ones doing something.” To simplify the procedure, each exam room is equipped with blank white newspaper on the clipboard with a black colored felt pen.

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The family coloring helps me survey development at a given moment in time, and it could word of advice me off to potential problems. A single colouring is a snapshot of the child’s point of view — of her role in the family, her romance to other members of the family, and her self-esteem. It also may show talents in the kid and the family that are important to identify and validate. It can indicate cultural patterns that provide me a much better understanding of some actions or beliefs. I usually ask the parents for his or her impression of the colouring site, because our discussion can yield even more info that may well not come up usually.
A major caveat here: We all want to find hidden meanings in Colouring Pages, but watch out for overinterpreting. It’s not smart to read too much into your son or daughter’s sketches. Instead, use them as an opportunity to talk with your child about what she or he has drawn. Then ask questions about them to enhance communication between you. Do your very best to avoid supplying too many of your own impressions. I purposely keep the dialogue very open-ended: “Tell me about your coloring. Who will be the people in the picture? What exactly are they doing?” For examples of what you may be looking for with your personal children, check out my evaluation of these kids’ Coloring Webpages.

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This first picture is a great example of how artwork can be a springboard for dialogue. It was attracted by an individual of mine when she was 11. She experienced lived alone with her mom since birth and she’s no siblings. On the surface, her physical health, schoolwork, and cultural development were just fine. But she made friends gradually and she was unusually cautious about leaving her mother to go to friends’ residences. She preferred to have friends come to her house and play while her mom was nearby. I got worried that their close connection got truly in the way of her learning how to split up from her mother, which really is a necessary part of development.
I hadn’t had the opportunity to get this point across at past office sessions. But with this colouring, I had formed an opening. Just how they were located so closely collectively, and the actual fact that a brief string connected the mom and little princess, stood out if you ask me. WHENEVER I asked Mommy, “What do you think relating to this picture?” she primarily talked happily about her daughter’s coloring skills. But then she accepted that she could see what I’d been attempting to state about their relationship. We were able to speak about it, and she remaining the office determined to help her daughter (and herself ) discover ways to isolate psychologically while keeping their caring and close relationship.

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Colouring skills often begin to tell a story in kindergarten. Although kids as of this age tend to use simple keep figures, you can sometimes opt for things up from facial expressions, where members of the family are put, and what they’re doing. This second picture, attracted by way of a 5-year-old girl, is an example of that. She drew her mom on the significantly left, followed by the family dog, her daddy, herself, and her 8-year-old sibling. The girl drew herself as larger than her parents — this typically reflects good self-esteem. It’s worthy of noting that she placed herself between her father and sibling: When children are between 4 and 6 years old, they create a sense of their gender identity. As a part of this normal developmental process, young girls often get actually and emotionally closer to their daddy (children this age tend to get closer to their mom), and the feelings are temporary.

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